Fife's Lessons: The Tao of Cool

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38 pages

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This is a story that takes the age old concepts of cool and friendship and flips them on their heads. Fifer and her parents are cooler than ice pops in Antarctica. They are the definition of hip. But there is one problem; Fifer does not see the coolness in all. She has yet to reach the level of maturity where she can see that everyone has something to teach us; until she meets Jimmy.

Jimmy is as awkward as they come. His clothes are two sizes too big and his self-esteem is three sizes too small. He’s not only the new kid, but the least liked and most talked about kid in the Third Grade. Everyone has their theories about who he is, but no one knows the real Jimmy until the “coolest” kid in class stumbles into a life changing situation with him where both Fifer and Jimmy’s worlds are shattered and built up all in one defining moment, Buddy Reader time.


About Robert W. Degnan

Robert W. Degnan

Robert Degnan grew up in a small part of a big town in the “Littlest State in the Union” spending most of his time wrapped up in his imagination wearing plaid pants, super hero tee-shirts, and marveling at how cool his parents were; then he turned six-years old and began to learn how to write. Much of his life has been spent with his body in one place and his head somewhere else, hence his love for writing. At an early age, Robert would create stories, usually the verbal kind to try to avoid getting in trouble for the things that actually happened.



Hi, my name is Fifer and my parents are the coolest people I know. When we go to their friends’ houses for parties, my dad recites poetry and my mom dances. Soon the whole place is moving and shaking to their funky style. My dad also plays in a band. I mean the guy is in a band! How much cooler can you get? When they perform, all of their friends come from miles around to listen to their wild and original songs.


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